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Editorial Board

MEMO is supported by an international editorial board whose members are experts in the research field of medieval and early modern material culture. The members of the board contribute to further developing the public image and the content of the journal. They reinforce the network of authors, reviewers, and readers, provide new ideas for future special issues, and help us to maintain an overview of recent research, academic networcs and current topics of interest.
We are particularly pleased that the members of our editorial board not only represent a variety of academic disciplines but also support our aim of interdisciplinary cooperation in several respects. To ensure that we continue to live up to this objective, we strive to reflect the interdisciplinary character of MEMO by continuously expanding our editorial board.

Der zwölfjährige Jesus im Tempel, 1480-1500
Birtaner Altar, Siebenbürgen

REALonline Bild Nr. 7015994

Hans Peter Hahn
Professor of Ethnology at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

Christian Kiening
Professor of German Literature at the University of Zurich

Anna Mühlherr
Professor of German Medieval Studies at the Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen

Katarina Predovnik
Professor of Medieval Archaeology at the University of Ljubljana

Romedio Schmitz-Esser
Professor of Medieval History at the University of Heidelberg

Matthias Untermann
Professor of Medieval Art History at Heidelberg University

Susanne Wittekind
Professor of Art History at the University of Cologne

Alexander Zerfaß
Professor of Liturgical Science and Sacramental Theology at the University of Salzburg

Academic research staff at IMAREAL (Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture) support the publication of MEMO through their function as an internal editorial board.

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