MEMO is Open Access


MEMO – Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture Online is an open access online journal with an interdisciplinary scope. Its aim is to provide sustainable academic communication: In addition to publishing traditional research papers, MEMO strives to be a platform for presenting new methods, new projects, and discussing innovative research approaches. Since its first issue in 2017, MEMO is currently still the only open access online journal dealing with medieval and early modern material culture.

The first three issues address the three most important pillars of interdisciplinary research carried out at the IMAREAL (Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture):

  • the question of the materials, meaning the substance that forms the basis of material culture
  • the interest in the connections between and among objects as well as between objects and individuals in their significance for historical practices
  • the field of digital humanities as a methodological approach that is continuously gaining relevance in the historical academic disciplines

MEMO makes extensive use of the potentials of online media with regard to both layout and functionalities: This for instance enables direct linking of the REALonline image database as well as embedding other data repositories and multimedia content. The articles can be accessed in different formats – optimised both for the printed page as well as for mobile devices.

MEMO is published twice a year on a predetermined schedule. In addition, special issues as well as individual articles are published on an ongoing basis. Our peer review process and interdisciplinary international editorial board enable us to guarantee the academic quality of the articles. Experts from the relevant specialist disciplines evaluate the submitted texts in a double blind procedure moderated by the editorial department. Their valuable feedback helps authors to optimize their contributions.

Bergwerk in Schwaz/Tirol, 1561.
Schwazer Bergbuch von Ludwig Lässl und Jörg Klober
OeNB, Kolorierte Federzeichnung

REALonline Bild Nr. 007069