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TIB Mapviewer

The TIB Mapviewer is online

…StoryMaps, photographs from our areas of research, historic maps, GIS data etc.) from the TIB Balkans. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Mihailo Popovic….

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Coming Soon

…their study, research, and development. MEMO is published by the Institut of Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture (University of Salzburg/Austria) in cooperation with the academic society ‚Medium Aevum Quotidianum‘….

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…shown to others, its content discussed and debated, replete with notes, comments, and bookmarks ΜΆ a book such as that has a referential character for us on many levels. It…

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Review MEMO

…collectively publishing their names at the end of the year, provided that they gave us the permission to do so (see for example those who, along with others who did…

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About MEMO

…to contributions from all academic disciplines dealing with material objects and materiality, their significance in historical societies, and the social practices associated with them. MEMO’s Open Access Policy MEMO enables…

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…We have placed the metadata management of our journal in the professional hands of the Technical Information Library (TIB) in Hanover. Apostelabschied Flügelaltar, 1495-1505 Franziskanerkirche, Bozen/Südtirol REALonline Bild Nr. 7005637…

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Medium Aevum Quotidianum

…Ages and the Early Modern period. In addition, thanks to MEMO, all editions of the publication series of the Medium Aevum Quotidianum (MAQ newsletter and special editions) association published before…

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…research perspectives: The types, properties, and effects of object-object relationships (ensembles) and person-object relationships (scenarios) are examined with regard to the constitution of material culture from the perspective of “object…

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Editorial Department

…texts, the review process, editing). Specific information for (potential) authors, reviewers, and readers can be found on the following pages of the editorial department: Write for MEMO | Review for…

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…in German-language narrative texts of the Middle Ages, general and medieval narrative theory, “Dingkulturen”, literature, and comedy. Research project: The narrative of objects in Thüring von Ringoltingen’s prose novel, Melusine…

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