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The articles published in MEMO adhere to the highest academic standards. For the purpose of quality assurance, each submission we receive is first subjected to a careful revision and to an internal evaluation by the editors. After that, it is sent to up to two external reviewers (double blind peer review). Authors must be aware that the external evaluation process will take approximately four to six weeks.

We have drawn up a clearly laid out guideline for our reviewers, which provides the most important questions concerning qualitative and methodological aspects of the submitted article. The guide should serve as a structural tool for the reviewers and should also ensure that each manuscript is assessed according to uniform criteria.

We hold the work of our reviewers in high esteem: The tremendous investment of personal time and energy required to prepare an expert evaluation for MEMO – free of charge and alongside numerous other obligations – must not be taken as a matter of course. We therefore endeavour to make the workload of our reviewers more visible and express our gratitude by collectively publishing their names at the end of the year, provided that they gave us the permission to do so (see for example those who, along with others who did not want to be mentioned, supported us as reviewers in 2018).

Would you like to support MEMO as a reviewer? Then please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your area of expertise!

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