MEMO is Open Access

Editorial Department

MEMO is dedicated to exploring medieval and early modern material culture in all its manifestations. The editorial team welcomes submissions from all academic disciplines that are able to contribute new research in this topic. We are looking forward to receiving a variety of manuscripts with either a general, theoretical or methodological scope or dealing with specific research questions.

Two regular issues of MEMO will be published per year, each of which will have a special thematic focus; in addition, individual submissions of papers that are not bound to the publication of an issue can be published at any time during the year.

The editors are the point of contact for all questions and concerns regarding the editorial process (e.g. submitting texts, the review process, editing).

Specific information for (potential) authors, reviewers, and readers can be found on the following pages of the editorial department:

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Tod Mariens, 1436-1440
Meister des Albrechtsaltars
Stiftsgalerie Klosterneuburg

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